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Together We’ll Develop a Complete Marketing Strategy for Your Online Business
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It’s time to Fall in Love With Your Online Marketing

Your marketing strategy is the beating heart of your online business. An effective marketing strategy will help you know exactly what to focus on and when. What would it take for you to fall back in love with your online marketing?

I know how overwhelming it can be to keep up to date on all the different marketing channels. Take a deep breath and relax you’ve got this. Together we’ll work to develop a complete marketing strategy that will support you and your business by giving you a specific actionable plan for your online marketing.

Marketing Strategy

Together we'll create a comprehensive plan for your online marketing so that you can find your dream clients and show up consistently where they are.

Graphic Development

Your brand should be present in all your communications. With custom branded graphics your clients will recognize your business wherever you are.


Marketing Management

I know it can be hard to find the time for marketing. But don't worry I'll take care of your marketing day to day, so you can focus on your clients.

Ready to Get Started?

You deserve to have clarity in your online marketing. With a tailored marketing strategy, you'll have a clear plan to reach your clients in a way that feels both energizing and authentic. I love to support women entrepreneurs that are committed to showing up and changing lives! Are you ready to create a comprehensive marketing strategy you love?
Let's Work Together

Let’s Fall in Love Together

Marketing Strategy Packages

Together we’ll create a comprehensive marketing strategy for your business.

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Join our Community and connect with other business women looking to grow and improve their online marketing.

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I LOVE Happy Clients




Sofia was perfect for me because she created landing sites for me on a variety of social media platforms as well as giving me some advice and direction for me to spend more time on as my business expands. Sofia made everything easier without making anything complicated. She's a treasure for anyone who finds her and works with her. Talia Michelle



Working with Sofia was a pleasure. She helped to get my first website designed. She was very patient with me and all of the changes I requested during the process. I learned a lot from her and I highly recommend working with her. Karen Thomas Inner Work Healing



I cannot say enough praise for the most amazing and well rounded VA. She held my hand while integrating mailchimp, webinar jam, and my entire social media strategy. I was completely stressed out leading up to my launch and she worked with me until the last minute testing and connecting everything while keeping a calm demeanor. She delivers quality work and on time. She never skipped a beat and kept me accountable. I highly recommend Sofia for any VA positions, she will not let you down. I could not have done it without her. Michelle Ashley



If you're looking for a VA who is more than just an assistant, Sofia is your girl. I was worried about hiring a VA because I wasn't looking for someone to handle my schedule or bookkeeping. I needed someone who I could work with to get my website and social media accounts up and running -- essentially a marketing specialist. Sofia has gone above and beyond my expectations. She has helped me development my overall business message for my website, redefined my business' image and aligned/manages my social media accounts. It has been a pleasure to work with Sofia and I look forward to continuing to work with her. Nichole Canniff Business/Writing Strategist & E-Coach

Love your Online Marketing

Create a comprehensive plan for your online Marketing that gives you the clarity you need to love your online marketing! Have a plan for your online marketing and know what to do next in you marketing!
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