You want your content to connect you to your audience and click with them. The first step to to this is to start creating content regularly!

But creating content can sometimes seem like a gigantic task alongside all the other things that need to get done in business and life.

I’ve struggled with creating content consistently, and to a point, I still struggle to find the time. But for me what has helped is to have a plan: an easy to follow a step-by-step process that will take you from idea to fully published and promoted content.

Here is my 4 step Process for Creating Content

Step 1: Plan

The first step is to know what you’re trying to create, what format will it have and what it will be about. We’re looking to define:

  • Purpose: is it an offer (that you must pay or give your email to get) or is it a free open piece of content.
  • Format: what form will this content take? Will it be a blog post, video, live cast, webinar or a PDF?
  • Topic: what will the content be about? Make sure to choose just one topic but keep track of your other ideas for future contents and offers.

Step 2: Create

Now it’s time to create your content. Allow yourself to create a rough draft that you’ll later improve upon. Block out some time in your calendar just for this, it’s important to give yourself the time to create the content with calm and focus. And don’t forget: your audience want’s to hear from you so don’t forget to be yourself and have fun!

Step 3: Distribute

Now that your content is ready and publish: let people know it exists! Remember, everyone is busy doing their own thing so they might not see your content even when they’d like to. So share it: on social, by email and in any other channel. Reach out to people and let them know: hey I did this!

Step 4: Analyse

Look at your results: what work and what didn’t? Don’t forget to listen to your audience and what they’re telling you. The topic may be right but the delivery might be a bit off. Or maybe your clients love video but would be more interested in another topic.repeat

Once your done repeat!

Don’t stop creating content. As you go trough this process you’ll get better at it and it will be easier! I Promise 😉

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