You worked on your branding! You created this amazing mood board for your brand. Your designer took that and created a logo you love and a website you adore! But somehow your brand isn’t showing up in your marketing.

There’s not much point in creating branding you love if then you don’t show it to the world.

Don’t keep it hidden in you site and mood boards, bring it out!

Here are 3 ways to bring your branding to life in your marketing

Step 1: Find photos that light you up!

Remember that mood board you created for your branding? Bring it out and dust it off! We’re going to look for stock photos that have that same feeling from the images in your mood board and keep them in a folder for you to use later.

Here are a few keywords to use when looking for photos:

  • Search for the colors that are dominant in you mood board: blue, pink, red, etc.
  • Also, search for the feeling of the images, do they look exquisite, luxurious, etc.
  • Finally, don’t forget to search for variants of these words to make sure you find the best results.

There’re dozens of sites with free CCO license photos. These images are completely free under the creative commons license and can be used anywhere. I personally love LibreStock the best part of this site is that it allows you to search dozens of stock sites at once.

Step 2: Know your Color Codes

When you created your brand board your designer should have given you the Hex codes for your brand colors. They look something like this: #ffffff (that’s white by the way).

Most image editors like Canva will allow you to insert a specific color code into your designs. This frees you up to use any template from these sites and just change the color to fit your brand. Just remember to balance it out with white for breathability.

Step 3: Choose 3 to 4 favorite templates

Know that you have the photos you’ll be using and the colors of your brand at hand it’s time to select a few great templates.

Here’s the thing: there are a million templates you can use for your social media images. But consistency is important! It will make your brand recognizable and easy to find in a news feed.

Look at the templates you love and make a selection of your favorite ones. Select 3 or 4 templates that you’ll use consistently in your branding and stick to them. Keep the colors and structure consistent and vary the text and images you use.

You did it! You’ve brought your brand to your marketing!

Now just keep it up! And remember nothing needs to be set in stone. If the templates you selected aren’t working change them up a bit and try new things.

Have fun with your brand, but don’t leave it hidden on your site!

If the thought of creating images templates and searching for stock photos gives you the shivers don’t worry! I got you covered! Get in touch today and let’s bring your brand alive in your marketing!

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