Call to Action’s or CTA’s are links, buttons or text, that instruct your audience to take a specific and immediate action. They can be used as a way to get your client to: subscribe to your newsletter, join your online course or buy a product.

CTA’s are a vital part of running your business successfully, a great call to action can be the difference between a client browsing your product and buying. So let’s create some amazing ones together. Here are 4 steps for a create Call to Action:

Action Oriented

A great CTA is action oriented it tells you exactly what you need to do next. So instead of saying something like “Buy Now” you can say “Click here to get MY PRODUCT” or “Subscribe today for GREAT VALUE OFFER”.

Include keywords

Include keywords that are consistent with your offer and your copy. For example, if your selling an online course that you call a “Mastermind Experience” use that in your call to actions. Such as: “Click here to join the Mastermind Experience” don’t use the word course if it’s not in your copy. As someone once told me: “If you confuse them you’ll loose them.”

Make stand out

Make your Call to actions pop! Use color and size so that your call to action grabs your audience’s attention. Together with the right wording this will help people know what they are getting and make the decision to buy.

Take advantage of the placement

Where you place your call to actions, be it in a blog post or a landing page will help you sell and connect to your audience. Make sure your CTA’s are visible and well positioned. A couple of great places in blog posts are: at the end of the post or in the blog sidebar.

Once you’ve used and tested your CTA’s don’t forget to analyse the results. There can always be room for improvement.

I hope this helps you get that dream client you’ve been waiting for! 🙂 Don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter to get my free Step By Step guide for a Smashing Landing Page.

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