I’m taking part in Natalie Sisson’s 10 Day Blog Challenge, the first topic in the challenge was around challenges and how knowing exactly what challenges you’re facing can help you find your focus and move forward.

The reason why looking at your challenges can help you find focus is quite obvious. As Natalie puts it: “Once you know exactly what’s stopping you from living a life of freedom, you can focus your energy on these specific things and start off on the right foot.”

Here are the 3 Challenges I’m currently facing:

Getting Clear on my brand

This has been one of my biggest challenges recently. I have been struggling with creating a clear vision for my brand. One that feels real to me and honest and serves you, my audience.

There are a lot of sides to this: branding, service and product offerings and messaging.

I finally got clarity around this after taking the time to really sit with myself and look at what I wanted to create. It also helps to look at what is possible for your market, meaning taking a look at what other people that you respect are doing and seeing how you can adapt it to your clients, brand and market.

Yesterday I was finally able to find some clarity around this and you should see changes coming around soon not only in my branding but also in the services that I’ll be offering.

Systems and Automatization

As my business continues to grow I have felt the need to create systems that allow me to automatize certain tasks. But the place where I have found I’m in need of more structure right now is in keeping in touch with possible clients and making the client onboarding process easier not just for me but also for the client.

After talking to my group I now know of what I need to do to get those systems running. And also what software’s I can use to start building effective systems. So that my days can be more productive and I can focus on serving my clients.

Mindfulness & Wellness

My final challenge isn’t business related, but I believe it is something that you might relate to. As an entrepreneur, taking care of myself is often left behind.

For me, self-care comes in two forms. Taking care of the mind and taking care of the body. This means a mixture of exercising, meditating, doing yoga and finding time for the things and people I love. It’s definitely a work in progress, but then again, that’s all of life right?

Over to you: What are some of the challenges you are currently facing?

Remember you can only fix what you know! So share below what’s your greatest challenge. Who knows maybe we can help each other.

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