With inbound marketing, we turn the nail on its head. Instead of focusing on what we’re trying to sell, we start by focusing on what our target client is looking to learn more about and what their needs are.

It’s simpler than it seems. The idea is that you meet your clients where they are in the “buyer’s journey”. That’s just a fancy term to knowing what your client is looking for. Here are the three main stages of inbound marketing explained:

Awareness Stage

Here your client isn’t looking for a solution, his goal is to learn more about his problem and possible solutions. This is a good time to talk in detail about the problems that your client has.

For example, a good title would be: Are you struggling to keep up with social media?
You could talk about how it can be hard to be on top of all the different networks and some of the possible solutions that you can find in the market to address this.

Consideration Stage

Now that your client knows what his problem is he’s looking for solutions. His looking at the different options available on the market and decide which is the best solution for him or her.

This is an opportunity to share your expertise and show the pro’s and con’s of the different solutions. How can you use your knowledge to help make the decision easier for you target client?

Decision Stage

This is the last phase of the Buyer’s Journey. Your target client is ready to buy and has already decided how he wants to solve his problem. It’s time to offer them your solution and help him realize why you are the right fit for that client.

How can you create content that connects you to your target audience in each of these phases?
Connect to your client by finding the right words and phrasing that they’re already using and supporting them in their journey.

Next week I’ll talk about creating your “buyer persona” so you know just who you are trying to connect with.

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