Have you ever struggled to keep your Editorial Calendar up-to-date and organized with all your posting Ideas? I know I have!

An Editorial calendar is a great way to take control of your Content creation process. When done right it will help you in all stages of content creation: from idea brainstorming to publishing going trough drafting and writing your content.

Here’s the deal:

I’ve tried dozens of ways to manage my Editorial Calendar

I’ve done google spreadsheets. Used Evernote for ideas and drafting. Google Calendar for scheduling and publishing planning. And out of desperation just throwing everything to WordPress.

I’m sure any of these tools and strategies can work for some people. But they were driving me crazy!

And then I found the Editorial Calendar Plugin for WordPress. And it was as if the clouds parted and the sun shined through! (just kidding, it wasn’t quite that fantastic)

So here’s the run down on this amazing plugin.

The Editorial Calendar Plugin

Editorial Calendar Plugin

When you install this plugin there will be a new sub-menu under Posts called Calendar. There you’ll see a monthly view, like the one you have above, with all your blog posts that are scheduled in the past and in the future.

To add a new post you can do one of two things:

Click new on the date you want to publish the post. This will create a draft post predated to go out on that date.

Or on the right find the draft column and add posts there to schedule later by dragging it to the date you need it to be published.

My favourite thing about this editorial calendar is that whenever you create a new post you get to add the title and already some text. So you can just dump in here your initial ideas for the post.

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