“Thank you” pages might just be the most underused tool ever in sites everywhere. And that’s truly a shame because a thank you page is a great chance to engage further with your client and show them more of what you got to offer!

We all have “Thank You” pages in our sites, and we’ve all seen them, when you: fill up a form, make a purchase, subscribe to a newsletter or even download a free offer. They are everywhere! And it’s time we start to use them better!

Deliver on what you promised

First things, first. Deliver what you promised, give them the content or offer you promised or let them know specifically when they’ll get it and what they can expect. For example:

  • If you’re offering a free e-book give them the link for the e-book, or let them know exactly when they’ll be receiving it.
  • If they’re subscribing to your newsletter. Let them know how frequently they can expect emails and when the first one will reach them.

Include important links

After you’ve delivered on your promise, make sure to include you sites most important links. This means you site navigation but also:

  • Key pages to get to know you and your services
  • Other Resources
  • And links to your blog and latest blog posts

Take them further into their Journey with you

This one might be a little harder to do than the other points, but it’s the most important one of all. Take a moment to step back and think of where your client stands:

  • If he just subscribed to your newsletter maybe he’ll be interested in your entry level items.
  • If he just bought one of your services, maybe there is a more advanced product you can show them.

What would be the next logical step for your client?

Once you know what that is, include a call to action to that product on your thank you page.

Be Social

Finally, be social! Include links to your social networks so that your client can follow you and links to share what he just discovered!

Don’t be afraid to give more options to your clients to buy from you or get to know you better! They’ll be thankful that you took the time to think about other things you have they might like!

If you’re looking for some support in getting all the details of your site working perfectly I’d love to talk. Request your free Discovery Call here.

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