Video is great! It’s an amazing dynamic way to interact with your audience. Just look at the way Marie Forleo includes her love of music into her Q&A Tuesday videos. Or how Danielle LaPorte‘s audios clearly transmit the poetry in her words.

But even if you have the most amazing video in the world you’ll still need to write about what you’re talking about. For one simple reason that you’ve probably heard before SEO.

SEO is a term that’s thrown around a lot but it’s not as complicated as it seems. Here’s a quick explanation: SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it includes all the things that you can do to improve your search results.

But here’s the deal: Google wants to present people with the best results possible, so it has slowly improved it’s search engine to look at what’s written on your page. Google focusses on two main things:

  • The content on your page
  • The numbers of shares and interaction in Social Media
  • (and a bunch of other stuff too…)

But when we’re talking about video Google’s engine can’t hear what you’re saying. That’s why youtube asks you to add a description and tags to your video, to make it easier to find. And that’s awesome to help people find you on youtube but you probably want people to come to your site. How do you do that?

Write about it!

Add your video to your blog post as you diligently do anyway and then write about it. Tell us what the video is about and what are the main points you’re touching on.

Like this, people searching for these words on google will be able to find you and then watch your amazing videos.

So go on, keep doing videos: we love it! Just don’t forget to write about it.

And if you’re not sure what to write about your videos, or just don’t have the time to do it, contact me. I can help you with that 🙂


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