Starting and running your own business can be crazy, it can be hard to keep you focus. Like trying to answer two phones at once while the delivery man is knocking at the door with a package for you.
Believe me, I know exactly how you feel. I’ve been there and done that! (both starting my own business and the crazy phone situation).

Ever found yourself wondering if there is an easier way?

It’s actually quite simple: get help!
“Oh but I couldn’t possibly! There’s no one that can do these things for me. I can’t afford it!”
You can make a list of excuses a mile long if you’d like. (If you’re that committed to making excuses send me the list, I’d love to see it. You can send it to
But if you’re the brilliant business owner I know you are that’s not in your nature. You don’t start your own business on excuses, I know I didn’t. You start it with an idea, a dream and a plan on how you’re going to make a difference in the world.
When I started my VA business all I knew was: I’m good at these technical things, I want to help women entrepreneurs get their shit together so they can focus on their strengths and the first thing I’m going to do is ask in my favourite facebook groups who would like some help with the technical side of their business.

That figure it out attitude is what got you here! That and your own form of brilliance.

It’s time to get back to your zone! You don’t need to know everything: I couldn’t coach a monkey! But I can help you figure out marketing, social media and that whole: having a website conundrum.
So next time you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the things that aren’t your strong suit remember there is probably a VA who’s speciality is doing just that.
That’s what you really get when you hire help. Be it in the form of an employee or a VA. You get:
  • To focus on your core strengths.
  • Business gets to be easy (give yourself permission to a leisurely cup of tea in a Sunday evening)
  • You get to spend the majority of your time serving your clients.
Now just take a deep breath and promise yourself: before the week is done I will find the help I need to make my business flourish!
P.S. I have openings for new clients right now! Click here to get in touch today!

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