If you LOVE Instagram and Hashtags this post is for you! ūüôā

I adore Instagram! It’s an amazing way to connect to people around the world and share cool images.

But if you ever tried to reach out, and connect with more people in Instagram and struggled here’s how I’ve improved my numbers.


There are two ways to reach more people in Instagram:

  1. Engage in other posts: Don’t just like other people’s posts, make sure to comment and connect to other people by being present in the network.
  2. Include the right hashtags in your posts.


In this post I’m going to show you how I’ve found the hashtags for my posts and how they can help you reach more people in Instagram.


Why do hashtags work

Hashtags allow you to connect your content to topics people are already using on the network making it easier to find.

You can see this at work if you travel to the search section of your Instagram app. Here you can search for any topic that you’re interested in and find other people who are posting around this topic.

The other way that hashtags help your business is by joining in on related content. What I mean is, for example, if you look at a photo in your feed you like and you click one of that photos hashtag you can then see other posts using that same hashtag and find new people.


Selecting your Hashtags

Instagram loves hashtags so there’s no need to be shy! You should find a group of up to30 Hashtags that you can use every time you post to instagram.


These will be divided into 3 groups:

  • 15 Tags to describe your business and the purpose of your account;
  • 10 Tags that describe who your ideal audience is;
  • and 5 Tags that are trending¬†(don’t worry if you can’t find these it can be tricky)

Once you have these set up you’ll be able to reuse them for all of your business posts.


Finding the right hashtags:

Your selected hashtags should have less than 1 million posts associated with them and between 5,000 to 500,000 posts. This frame makes sure that enough people are using and seeing this hashtag without it being so common that your posts will just get buried in it.


How to find your hashtags:

To look for and find your hashtags use the App! The Instagram search will allow you to search for hashtags you think would work and then see the related hashtags and the post count for each hashtag.

Once you find the right numbers in a hashtag make sure you check that the posts are the kind of posts that make sense for you and your business.


Once you’ve found your hashtags¬†share in the comments below what was one hashtag that you were surprised to find. Or if you’re already doing this what results has it brought for you in your Instagram¬†following.

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